Mangastream was free to use and it didn’t require you to register yourself here or set up a monthly subscription for using its services. It had a huge collection of manga that you could check out on demand. You could read one piece mangastream and many other manga series for free on this website.

Here are some of the best mangastream alternatives that you can check out in 2020

  1. MangaPanda
  2. MangaFreak
  3. MangaHere
  4. MangaDex
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. MangaPlus
  7. MangaReader
  8. MangaOwl
  9. MangaGo

How Much Money Does Mangastream has made?

According to one estimation, mangastream has made over $36,433 over the time it has been active. These numbers are some of the best ones that you can find for a free manga website online.

Is MangaFox better than Mangastream?

MangaFox and mangastream are both equally great in their way. But mangastream has always been more popular and widely known. Still, since mangastream is not available anymore, going for mangaFox is your best choice for having a great Japnese manga reading experiment.

What are some of the Most Popular Manga Genres?

The most popular manga genres include

1: Shone

2: Shoujo

3: Josei

4: seinen

You can also find action, thriller, and romance manga series online.

Where to Read Manga?

You can either use the online Manga websites or you can go to a comic bookstore to get a physical print of your favourite manga. We highly recommend using online websites because they provide you with much better ease of access.

What happened to MangaFox?

MangaFox was shut down a few months back because of some technical errors. But now it is back again and is a great alternative for mangastream.

What happened to Unixmanga?

Unixmanga was one of the oldest manga reading websites but now it is no longer operational. This website has been shut down for an indefinite amount of time.

Where to read manga reddit?

According to reddit, you can read manga on Kissmanga, MangaDex, and MangaBox. These websites are the most popular among users all around the world.




Can I read Manga Online?

Yes, there are many manga websites available online that you can use to read manga for free. Websites like mangastream offer you free manga content that you can read without having to pay any kind of subscriptions fees. There are some free manga apps for mobile phones as well that you can try out to read manga online for free. 

Are Free Manga Websites illegal?

Technically speaking, Yes! Free Manga websites are not legal. These websites offer you scanned copies of the original manga which is considered pirating and thus is illegal. You can check out paid services like Crunchyroll if you want to read manga via legal means. 

What Happened to Mangastream?

The official mangstream website stopped providing its services a few months ago. It is said to be because of copyright issues. The original content creators compelled them to stop providing their services. 

Is Mangastream Legal?

Mangastream is not a legal website. It is illegal because it offered manga content for free, without permission from the original content creators. Being illegal is one of the reasons why this website shut down. 

Why is Mangastream Down?

Mangastream is down because of copyright issues. It was an illegal website that offered pirated content in the form of scanned copies of the original manga. This is the main reason why it is down. It might come back up again but there is no guarantee for that. 

Do you need to Sign up for using Free Manga Sites? 

Not, it is not always the case. Most of the free manga websites would allow you to read and manage without having to register yourself or create an account. But still, some websites do require registration, so you need to keep that in mind as well. 

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