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One Piece

One Piece Is Celebrating Its 1000th Chapter

One Piece is close to hitting its 1,000th chapter milestone. For 21 years the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hats have been enjoyed by manga fans via its continuous weekly serialization. Now, with the upcoming 1,000th chapter, Shonen Jump is looking to celebrate the achievement by bringing everyone up to speed on the story — by offering free chapters...

Eunyoung Choi

Complete Interview with Producer Eunyoung Choi

Eunyoung Choi is an accomplished producer who co-founded Science SARU with visionary anime director Masaaki Yuasa in 2013. The two have formed a long-lasting partnership, collaborating on projects such as Devilman crybaby, Ride Your Wave, and Night is Short, Walk on Girl.  In addition to her work with Science SARU, she has also been involved as a key animator, storyboard...

Boruto Manga

Best Boruto Manga Review 2020

Boruto manga is a series of comic books written by Masashi Kishimoto. It has been known for years now and is an ongoing serial that starting in 2020. It is one of the most famous manga series in existence right now, and it has managed to become a huge hit among the anime fans. Boruto...


Best Alternative Sites for Mangastream in 2020?

Mangastream was free to use and it didn’t require you to register yourself here or set up a monthly subscription for using its services. It had a huge collection of manga that you could check out on demand. You could read one piece mangastream and many other manga series for free on this website. Here are...