Manga is a famous comic and graphical novel that originate from Japan. They have been very popular over the last few decades in Japan and in other parts of the world and they usually targeted adults and kids for reading them.

Introduction to Mangastream

MangaStream is a website that used to publish the Manga series online so that people could get access to them and read them at any time from this website. This website was very popular amongst the readers of the Manga series because of the user-friendly interface that is offered as well as the manga quality that you could find on this website, had no parallel. Since the novels and the comics were available for free, so the children and the adults, who loved these series, could enjoy them without any barrier.

As the years passed, this website faced many ups and downs in it and it was found that a few months back, the website was completely shut down for some reason. However, it made a major comeback but today again, it has gone down, and there is a fat chance for it to be live again. The website is currently closed for an indefinite amount of time and no one is sure, how long would it take to come back, or would it ever come back again.

This website was totally free for anyone who wanted to read the manga. There was no monthly subscription required and no registration was asked for it as well. all you needed to do, was to visit the website, put out your favorite manga comics and novels, and enjoy reading them as much as you can, without any cost.

Is Manga Stream really down?

Yes, the original and authentic Mnagastream website is down and there is no chance for it to come back however there are certain other websites that are going with the same domain name as Mangastream but we are really not certain for their originality. You can find manga content on these websites easily but how authentic those websites are and how much secure it would be for you to visit them, is something that we cannot comment on. They are just the clone websites and they are not original at all.

However, if you are looking forward to reading more content from Manga, you can visit some other good and reliable websites that are working for manga. These websites are providing manga content to the readers and would shortly be discussed in this post.

Why did Mangastream go down?

Since Mangastream was working on the policy of taking the scanned copies of original manga content and then published it on their website, the most evident reasons behind it going down, was the fact that it was violating the privacy of the original content sellers and due to this piracy and theft, the website must have gone down when an action was taken against it. This seems to be the most possible reasons behind it shutting down, however, it was found that the creators of this website, themselves shut it off. It wasn’t taken down after some legal action.

This copyright violation of the original content from manga seems to be the most appropriate reason for this website going down, however, the owners have not given any official confirmation on this matter. From some Reddit threads about the shutting down of the website, it was also found that the website creators wanted to promote the actual learning of the content, which is the reason why they have shut down their website. Now what the actual reason was, no one knows.

MangaStream alternatives in the year 2020

Now let us take a look at 25 of the top manga content providing websites for the year 2020.


  • Mangaowl



This website has been successful in attaining a good reputation in providing unique and high-quality manga content and all those readers of the mangastream are now rushing to mangaowl to get their content read. There are millions of views that this website is getting and is extremely popular in all the manga fans.

  • MangaTown


With a very catchy name for all the manga readers and an interface that is easy to use, this website wins the hearts of all the manga fans as it has split the content into several genres and there are a number of languages to which the manga content is translated to. However, the original content is available in English and the site operates in English as well. do give it a try to find the best Manga content on MangaTown.

  • MangaFox


If you are looking forward to reading some amazing manga content, without having to get into the trouble of registering yourself or providing some personal info to the website, then this manga providing the website (MangaFox) is for you. You can enjoy all your favorite manga comics from several genres for free.

  • MangaReborn


If you want to visit a manga website, which is a one-piece replica of Mangastream, then this is the website (MangaReborn) for you. But you won’t be able to find it very easily because it has been hidden from the masses for some cybercrime reasons, but we have provided you the link to visit it, and you can enjoy all manga content there, without any trouble.

  • MangaOwl 2.0


This is another best type of website found for the publishing of manga content. Here you can find a huge collection of manga and select the content from 53 different genres of manga and enjoy your free content. You can start streaming and leave there and come back later sometime and start right from the place where you had previously left.

  • MangaHere


This is another good place to find your manga content as it has a huge collection of manga that is ever-growing for its readers and has to offer over 10,000 different interfaces based on comedy for manga. The genre is divided into categories so that you can search from the action, school life, fairytale, and other topics.

  • MangaPark


This is another free online library where you can find a huge collection of manga jokes and free readable materials. The users can save a tab for their history here on MangaPark and continue reading the next time from this same spot. This can save a lot of time for you.

  • MangaNelo


If you are looking for a platform where you can find all the manga content, all the latest releases, lies, and updates about it, then this is the site that you are looking forward to. You can either use free or you can create an account on MangaNelo and using that, enjoy several features such as bookmarks, history, and pointers, etc.

  • MangaFreak


MangaFreak is the website that is specifically for the manga freaks, who are crazy to get all the information that they can get their hands upon. This website provides a chapter to chapter approach so that the readers can get all the content read without missing a single detail. Its one of the best Mangastream alternatives.

  • MangaPanda


Talking about the user-friendly interface and the high-quality manga content, this website almost reaches the mangastream in its quality. When you are browsing this website, you will find the same user experience in here as you used to have in the mangastream. MangaPanda is Easy to use and fully filled with the best content.

  • Mangakakalot


This website has all the manga content in the easiest and the simplest user interface and is highly recommended for those who want to start their manga journey from scratch. It is equally good for the people of all age groups because of the ease of use and availability of all manga content one of the best Mangastream alternatives.

  • MangaReader


This is another beautiful and fun alternative to the MangaStream website. On this website, you can find the same interface and the same environment as on the main website. One amazing feature is the surprise me feature that enables the user to see random shows online with just one click of the mouse on MangaReader as its one of the best Mangastream alternatives.

  • MangaDex

mangastream alternative

This is a comparatively new but rapidly growing website on manga that has all the latest and old manga content that you can browse and read the manga content from here. On this website, you can enjoy reading the comics as there are over 10,000 records of the series that you can enjoy reading for months and the content is being updated all the time.


  • KissManga

mangastream alternatives

An amazing manga experience website that is free of cost and that has its links to the social media platforms as well. you can now visit this amazing website and get the latest information on Manga in a lovely user interface.

  • Manga Plus by SHUEISHA

mangastream alternatives

This is another great manga website that is powered by SHUEISHA and is one of the best free manga websites with plenty of anime and comic series available on it. This website gives a great reading experience for manga and you can find shows like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto on this website as well.

  • Crunchyroll

mangastream alternatives

This is a website that provides safe and secure access to all the manga content because it is a paid website. Being paid, this website provides services that are free from any security risks. With thousands of manga episodes to offer, Crunchyroll website can be your bookmark site if you are willing to pay for the manga content.

  • Mangainn

mangastream alternatives

If you are looking forward to enjoying the manga content just as a beginner, then here is the best website for it. This website has all the legal manga content without any kind of ads. So enjoy nonstop manga content here on Mangainn.


mangastream alternatives

Looking for a modern styled website that would provide you an interface to enjoy manga content? Then here we are to tell you about the BATO.TO, a website that has been designed specifically for manga lovers and that has 100% original content in high quality.

  • MangaDoom

mangastream alternatives

This is another great website for the replacement of mangastream because it has an innovative and interactive user interface that even allows the users to search for their favorite content on MangaDoom.

  • MangaZ


MangaZ is a website that is available in the Japanese language and offers all the manga content in the Japanese language only. You won’t find anything in the English language here but you would be delighted to see the amazing content here. If you want pure Japanese fun, visit it.

  • MangaGo


MangaGo is a website that has all amazing manga content with one unique feature that it has a community thread where you can enjoy chatting and talking to the other manga lovers as well. this interaction is a great way to get to know other manga fans.

  • TenManga


This is another great name in the world of manga because it has a good number of manga episodes that you can enjoy anytime. However, the interface might not be to enjoy, yet the content is amazing and numerous.


mangastream alternatives

OTAKUSMASH is another great name in the world of anime and manga. Here you can find all the amazing manga content which is safe to use and there are a lot of options to scroll and search for your favorite manga content. The UI is user friendly and is very attractive as well. your experience here would be pretty good.

  •  MangaBat

mangastream alternatives

Want manga content as fresh and new as released in the market? Here you are at the MangaBat to enjoy it in the fully English translated version. Enjoy the latest updates and news on manga and enjoy the unlimited series for your favorite Japanese content online.

  • MangaBox

mangastream alternatives

Another great website with all the manga content in the Japanese language. The whole website is in Japanese and is solely designed for the Japanese audience. So visit it and become an addict of this website and enjoy unlimited free manga content in here.

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